Re-purposed Furniture for a New Born

With a new baby on the way and space at a premium, we needed a changing table that could easily fit into a small nursery but also maximize functionality.  I decided to re-purpose a two-drawer lateral file that I had been using in my home office. It occurred to me as I was putting it … Continue reading

Garden Project – Community Improvement & Educational Tool

For the past year, we at Verdantly have been a part of a community garden project in Richmond, and in recent months it has finally begun to take shape. The garden, located across from (and being built in partnership with) the North Richmond YMCA, will be used as an educational tool to teach children about … Continue reading

DIY Compost Can

If you’re looking to get started composting your kitchen scraps and other biodegradable materials, but aren’t sure about a suitable container in which to break down your compost, there’s an easy do-it-yourself project you can build with just a little investment and a few tools. While you can easily break down leaves, wood chips and … Continue reading

Sustainable Design – Solar Powered Crawl Space Fan

Living in a home built in 1928 has its good and bad points.  If you appreciate custom-built details, solid construction and old school architectural personality, it’s great.  The downside is that older homes are not exactly known for sustainable design or energy efficiency.  That said, improvements in that area can be tricky.  I’ve had to find … Continue reading

Check out Voltaic’s rundown on how the OffGrid Solar Backpack works.

Back to School Math: Packing Lunches + Reusable Snack Bags = ??

A Consumer Review of Reusable Lunch Bags My daughter starts kindergarten this year and I can’t help getting a little teary-eyed at this new phase she’s embarking on … or is the fact that I will be packing more than 1,000 lunches for her before she enters middle school bringing on some tears of fear? … Continue reading


Building a DIY rain barrel is probably a lot easier than you think and can save you a lot of money. I’ve found that the hardest part of making my own is finding the barrel itself. Once I found the barrel and gathered the parts, the whole project will took less than an hour. It … Continue reading

Why Compost? Let Me Tell You.

Eeeek.  Last weekend, I dug through my own trash.  Which is no big deal if you do it when you are in the kitchen alone.  However, I was not.  My sister-in-law watched in … um … I guess you could call it disgust as I pulled out the banana peel that my nephew had tossed … Continue reading


So, this turned into more of a “real world” test than I thought it would be.  I took the Voltaic Systems Amp Solar Charger along to evaluate it while we were on vacation at Walt Disney World and on a five-day cruise on the Disney Dream.  It turns out that I left my regular charger … Continue reading

Easier Cleaning = Better Life

My mom was the president of her high school’s Future Homemakers of America club. Prior to us having pets, my dad regularly declared he would eat from the floors of our house. Despite my clean upbringing, I am not the best housekeeper. I am better than some, but please do not come swiping surfaces of … Continue reading

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